Marry the Problem -- Not the Solution

December 19th, 2017

There is a growing sense of guilt that awaits while undoing what was believed to be valuable work. Being held back by pride is a good first indicator to push more.

People excel at ignoring the irrelevant surroundings to their problems. This idea was demonstrated years ago when the moon walking bear video went viral. Counting all the passes in said video requires attention to detail of many moving parts. Focusing over a long period of time is need to achieve the flow state. It's a powerful investment to know how to dip into it at will. It's also addictive.

But, this kind of investment is a double edge sword. First, it’s a requirement because a high level of emotional engagement is needed to create quality work.

Second, it's a risk because this state is about the solution in the moment. Understandably, that's how blinders form. Sunk cost fallacy — having something that already kind of works is difficult to let go. Doesn’t matter if changing is the “right” thing to do.

It’s important to remember that the core problem rarely changes; the context and the understanding definitely will change. Frustratedly, understanding is half the process. It's to not be overlooked or discounted as a minor cost. Also, context doesn’t exist in isolation. It violently changes more than the problem itself.

If there’s an argument to heed in this post, it’s this one. The true and dangerous damages to avoid are the effects of tunnel vision and overexertion. And both feed rapidly and happily off each other. Recognizing it immediately and recovering from it is very wise. Though it’s wiser to avoid the effects entirely.

The best, long-term, and preventive antidote is a routine with planned leisure activities, exercise, and consistent sleep times. Hopefully, none of this is a surprise. With whatever creative endeavor taken up, it's just a reminder.

The long haul of the solution is its process. The process is showing up consistently with clarity of vision, uninterrupted time blocks, focused calmness, and expressive energy. Protect it.